SP5 - Infrastructure for managing the patient registry and disease model

Swiss Neuro Foundation, Prof. Daniel Rüfenacht 

In this subproject we will make the disease model available to the public, and we will develop web-based applications to inspect, analyze and display the AneurysmDataBase for various users: clinicians, patients and industry. The first step will be to implement the PHASES score from SP1, which will provide early visibility of the database. During the project, treatment risk will be included to balance risk and gain of treatment. 

The Swiss Neuro Foundation will host the AneurysmDataBase (ADB), thus ensuring economical sustainability and accessibility of the information platform after the funding period. The Swiss Neuro Foundation will also be responsible for the evaluation of the user interfaces delivering information to patients and clinicians within the project and outside of the project. An important goal is to extend the framework to promote and support global share of information. 


  1. Provide sustainable, ethically compliant hosting service of the patient data.

  2. Develop interface to manage and visualize database.

  3. Interface for graphical data exploration based on machine learning. 

Expected added value to systems medicine: 

A self-sustainable information platform to monitor the impact of the disease on society and promote teaching and research in the field of cerebro-vascular pathophysiology. 

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