SP1 - Clinical biomedical data collection, integration and output validation

CVN-Cerebro-Vascular Neurosurgery, PD Dr. Philippe Bijlenga (Univ. Hospital Geneva) 

This subproject relates to all clinical tasks and clinical research. The team will collect and provide high quality information and biological samples from patients. It will be responsible to evaluate the clinical relevance and use of tools and information provided by other project partners and will design ca clinical trial to assess the reductive power of the final Disease Model.  Moreover, in this subproject the team will work on specific questions regarding validation of t
he PHASES score prediction and assessment of treatment risk using already collected data of the multicentric international @neurIST cohort. 


  1. Deliver high quality relevant information and biological samples to the information plateform.

  2. Validation of the latest developed disease model.

  3. Merge tasks of data collection and quality control with clinical reporting. 

Expected added value to systems medicine: 

Holistic disease model to better balance benefit/risk of clinical decisions. Infrastructure to continuously collect high quality information from the bed-side. 

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